image_style_warmer 8.x-1.0-beta2

Release notes

Attention: Following methods in ImageStylesWarmerInterface are marked as deprecated and will be removed in first RC release!

  • initialWarmUp()
  • queueWarmUp()

This change only affects developments that have used or enhanced the ‘image_style_warmer.warmer’ service in their own code. Please check your custom code before you later update from BETA to upcoming RC release(s).

List of solved issues since 8.x-1.0-beta1 release.

  • Issue #3038756 by IT-Cru: Split tests into separate ones
  • Issue #3031802 by lexbritvin, IT-Cru: Provide API to the service for custom modules
  • Issue #3038044 by IT-Cru, lexbritvin: Add DI of ImageStylesWarmer service to queueWorker
  • Issue #3037875 by IT-Cru, lexbritvin: Add queueFactory to image_style_warmer service
  • Issue #3018176 by jigish.addweb: Refactor file to use d.o template
  • Issue #3018154 by IT-Cru: Add missing hook_help()
  • Cleanup by IT-Cru: Fix PHPCS in PHP and CSS files
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