Import export SQL error

In order to upgrade my v6 sites to v8, I installed a v8 Drupal on a last version of Wampserver64: Apache 2.4.18, MySQL 5.7.11, php 5.6.19.

By safety, I export my first data base db01 after my well done install.
I try to import it in the db02 to progress but I got an error…
Requête SQL :
CREATE TABLE d_block_content_revision__body (
bundle varchar(128) CHARACTER SET ascii DEFAULT ‘0’COMMENT
MySQL a répondu: Documentation
1064 – Erreur de syntaxe près de ‘)’ à la ligne 3
and I can’t go farther !
What is wrong?

Is Drupal need some previous version of Apache, MySQL or php ?

Is somebody can help me ?


Drupal version: 


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