Importing tables, Feeds, Easily displaying your data

I tried for months to figure this out.  Not being a full time programmer, this was not easy for me. I am sure someone else will have different ideas I just wanted to put this out there so someone might not give up.

The end result is that I can send a CSV file to the site, use Feeds to import the data on a regular schedule if needed, use views to display as desired. 

  1. Create a Custom Module to add table info to Drupal:…
  2. Use Feeds module to import data:…
  3. Use Views to create a page or block to display or make accessible the data as you desire.

This wasn’t hard.  Start to finish took me about 10 hours of trial and error with learning as I went.

I hope this helps someone.  I am thrilled to make this work.  Now I can build on this foundation. :o)

Drupal version: