Improving poor performance?

I’m running drupal on a server at home, but it can be really slow. From a cold start, it will take anything between 1 and 10 seconds to serve a page.

AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.00 Ghz (I think its about 5 years old)
16Gb ram
Lots of hard drive space

SBS 2011 (on 2008R2 stack with IIS7.5)
PHP 7 NTS 64 bit
Drupal 7
(all pretty much fully patched and latest versions)

I’ve followed a number of different suggestions, such as boost, wincache, css compression, tweaking this and that .ini parameter.

1. Is my hardware too old and I would benefit significantly from newer faster hardware, or is my problem more configuration based?
2. Is there a simple PHP webpage I can install on my server that would run simple checks for performance and tell me what is wrong without needing the ability to interpret detailed log files?
3. Anything else?



Drupal version: