Indiana University Theme

A Drupal 8 theme that may be used as a base from which to build consistent and compliant Indiana University websites in accordance with version 3.x of the Indiana University Website Style Guide and IU brand guidelines. The theme complies with accessibility guidelines so that visitors with disabilities can still access your site.

This is a work in progress, being developed as a jumping off point for the upcoming migration of the Indiana University Libraries website to Drupal 8.


✅ Completed ⚠️ In progress 🕗 Not started

  • Style Guide support:
    • Branding Header & Footer.
    • Standard “belt” section above footer for Social media icons and tools.
      Note: this requires placing custom menus in the designated theme regions. Use the Link attributes module to add icon-[platform] classes to turn social links into icons.
    • Expanded “skirt” section above footerfor columnar lists of resources and links and connect/info text block.
      Note: this requires placing custom menus and text blocks in the designated theme regions.
    • Web Elements.
    • 🕗 Standard IU Section Skirt section for columnar lists of footer links and contact/connect information.
    • 🕗 Chunks and Sections
    • 🕗 Option to select a campus-specific branded header/footer. For now, copy page.html.twig into your sub-theme and modify the {% include '@iu/parts/header-*.html.twig'%}
    • 🕗 IU Color palette selection. Most sites I’ve seen use the “mahogany” palette, thus we default to this one.
    • 🕗 IU Search support (Google Custom Search)
  • Drupal 8 features support:
    • ✅ Core Settings Tray (ie, outside-in) support.
    • ⚠️ All standard Drupal widgets themed (using Drupal Styleguide module).
    • 🕗 Core Search drop-in replacement in header.
    • 🕗 Core Layout Discovery support (maybe).
  • Frontend development features support:
    • 🕗 NPM, Lib-Sass, Autoprefixer, BrowserSync, Gulp task runner
    • 🕗 PatternLab support
    • 🕗 A Starterkit sub-theme (are people still doing it this way?)