indieweb 8.x-1.0-alpha3

Release notes

New release, should be fine when you’re already using it.

Notable changes

  • Article micropub support
  • More microformats
  • Syndications are now stored when publishing to bridgy
  • A lot of tests!

After you update the code you should:

  • run ‘drush updb’ or run update through update.php – check the ‘webmention_syndication’ table exists after it
  • recheck all configuration screens and resave because config now has proper schema!
  • There’s a view for webmentions, this will not import when simply updating, it’s located in the config/optional directory
  • There’s a view mode ‘microformat’ for nodes this will not import when simply updating, it’s located in the config/optional directory. Or add it yourself.

Changes since 8.x-1.0-alpha2:

  • Add a block which allows to send a webmention
  • Fix RDF integration
  • Use published first so order of comments is ok
  • Allow to configure the back link
  • Default node status
  • p-category formatter for tags
  • Wrong permission in routing for syndication list
  • Add syndication overview
  • Add micropub tests part 1
  • Add comments tests
  • p-name exclude support
  • Tests for creating a note with micropub
  • Webmention basic tests
  • Remove obsolete method in webmentionEntityForm
  • Remove structure page, move to config/services/indieweb
  • Start storing syndications
  • Add microformat view mode
  • More microformats
  • Better hooks
  • remove requiredness of body on comments if body is empty and webmention is referenced.
  • Add microformat tests
  • Add basic tests for publishing
  • Add basic indieauth tests
  • Add microsub test (and config schema along the way)
  • Add microsub section
  • Add composer file
  • Support for article micropub
  • Add default view with exposed filters
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