insert 8.x-2.0-alpha4

Release notes

Changes to 8.x-2.0-alpha3

#3026872: Fixed duplicate function name

Notable changes of 8.x-2.0

#3005870: Prevent creating unneeded image derivatives
#3005573: Implemented Drupal.insert.Handler base prototype
#3005182: Converted config settings from strings to arrays
#3001253: Support for Media Library widget
#3000654: Optional controls to set image alignment
#3000651: Revisited text input synchronisation
#2994066: Provide interface for other modules
#2988476: Responsive Image module support
#2987683: Reimplemented Automatic insert option
#2987653: Removed binding to managed_file form element
#2987311: Allow embedding audio/video
#2976986: Made Insert extend File/Image field widgets
#2945191: Allow inserting images from file files using image styles
#2925143: Migration from D7 to D8
#2880406: Compatibility to Colorbox module
#2874665: Compatibility to Paragraphs module
#2872853: Compatibility to cropping modules
#2671116: Allow applying image captions
#1803096: Per-field template suggestions
#632240: Option to link to an image style preset

Updating from 8.x-1.x

With 8.x-2.0 containing massive improvements to 8.x-1.x, some cause incompatibility. When updating from 8.x-1.x, please consider the notes below.

#3000651: Revisited text input synchronisation

In 8.x-2.x, the concept of synchronisation (e.g. synchronising the alt field with the alt attribute) was overhauled and made flexible. But image instances already inserted will not be detected by the new mechanism resulting in no synchronisation being applied to them. In order to enable synchronisation for images already uploaded, their instances would need to be reinserted into editor and/or text areas.

#2976986: Made Insert extend File/Image field widgets

In 8.x-1.x, custom Insert widgets (FileInsert, ImageInsert) were required to be set on file/image fields. In 8.x-2.x, Insert is compatible to core file/images and widgets and compatible derivatives. (The widgets Insert shall attach to may be defined on the module configuration page.) By dropping the Insert specific widgets along with updating to 8.x-2.x, their settings will be lost and Insert widget settings need to be reapplied on the file/image widgets.

#632240: Option to link to an image style preset

The dummy image style provided in 8.x-1.x was removed. Linking images may be set in the widget settings now.

If you are making use of the automatic text format support per Insert module configuration page, you should save the text formats again that you enabled support for, since 8.x-2.x requires additional tags and attributes for running properly.

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