install drupal database


I’m traying to install drupal buy command line with :
drush site-install standard --account-name=username --account-pass=password --db-url=mysql://root:[email protected]/drupal_test

I get this message :

exception 'DrupalCoreInstallerExceptionInstallerException' with  [error]
message 'Resolve all issues below to continue the installation. For
help configuring your database server, see the <a
handbook</a>, or contact your hosting provider.<div
class="item-list"><ul><li>Failed to connect to your database server.
The server reports the following message: <em
class="placeholder">SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or
directory</em>.<ul><li>Is the database server running?</li><li>Does
the database exist or does the database user have sufficient
privileges to create the database?</li><li>Have you entered the
correct database name?</li><li>Have you entered the correct username
and password?</li><li>Have you entered the correct database
hostname?</li></ul></li></ul></div>' in

the database is created but is empty

Thank’s if somebody could help me with this

Drupal version: