Installation Profiles seem to be broken in D8

Not able to install Drupal using an installation profile. Installation profile was setup exactly as the documentation describes.…

I’ve also tried 5 other known working profiles and none of them work.

If your profile contains modules that are not in core, you will consistently get the following message:

Required modules not found.

The following modules are required but were not found. Move them into the appropriate modules subdirectory, such as /modules. Missing modules:

After this message will be a running list of all of your modules that are needed for your profile. (See this image:

How to replicate issue

  1. Download Drupal 8’s latest version.
  2. Place a Installation Profile in the /profiles directory.
  3. Go to your sites install.php page to run through the installation via your browser.
  4. Choose your installation Profile at the Profiles screen.

I’m trying to find a way around this issue. It doesn’t seem like there is a fix for this and I’ve been researching it all day.

Drupal version: