installed Drupal 8 in subfolders, want to move to root

Hello Everyone,

I have drupal 8 installed within a subfolder and want to move to the root. I have simply copied the files and placed in root, however I get an unexpected error. I googled and found that I needed to read the error logs which I did, however it seemed to be a general unexpected error, I was not sure as to the exact reason for the error. I moved everything back and am now trying to still figure it out. I am using Sqlite and also noticed that their is no $base_url in my settings.php file ( found a lot of links regarding this file for drupal 7 ). I have also noticed in my admin panel under “basic site settings” I see that my front page is my “root/subfolder/subfolder/” and I’m not sure as to where I can change this or in what file this is in. Can someone lead me down the correct path to move drupal 8 to my root or inform me as to a step I may be missing. Thank you.

Drupal version: