Installing Drupal via composer against local repository

Hi. We are installing the latest Drupal 8.x via composer and would like to do things a little differently. Hoping you can provide some guidance. We will have a cluster of servers running Drupal. If we download Drupal with the following command-line:
# composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev drupal --stability dev --no-interaction
then composer will download any dependencies from the Internet. However, is it possible for us to provide a local mirror that composer would download dependencies from? The advantage to us is that we would then be able to manage this local repository and update it when needed. If we use the command-line above today, and then a week from today, there is no guarantee that the same versions of dependencies will be available on both days. One server might have an updated version of a module than another Drupal server. We would like to prevent against this by using a local mirror.

Drupal version: