Installing Drupal

I am new to drupal and trying to get the program installed. I am following a book “Dupral 7 Explained”. In the book they use cPanel, but my web hosting services does not have a web hosting control panel.

Therefore, I downloaded drupal to my local computer, unzipped the files, installed FileZilla, and moved the files over to the website. Then, I copied the config file from the default file (default.settings.php) and saved it as settings.php.

I am now in the Drupal configuration screen below and getting an error. My web hosting person says it is because the database is not in the default area. His location for the database is ” localhost:/var/run/mysqld/marktmclaren/mysqld.sock” He says he has to do it this way because “multiple database installations for multiple web sites on the same server, I have to set them up to use different socket paths.”

I think I need to modify the file settings.php to point to a different path for the database. Is this correct and if it is, what program do I use to do this?

Thanks for your help.

Drupal version: