Installing Facebook Instant Articles for Drupal 7

Hi! I’ve been trying to install Facebook Instant Articles off and on for my Druapl 7 webstie for months and have had no success. Errors upon errors show up each time I install the module, but I think I’m finally to a point where I can actually use the software!

My latest issue is that it seemingly installs alright, but I get this error when trying to configure the module:

Fatal error: Class ‘FacebookFacebook’ not found in /home/**MYSITE**/public_html/sites/all/modules/fb_instant_articles/modules/fb_instant_articles_api/includes/ on line 105

I feel like I’m missing some files but I followed the ‘limited’ instructions many times and it doesn’t mention anything about any additional installs. Facebook, of course, is no help in this matter (or any other matter – pretty sure Facebook has no support). I’d consider reaching out to others for assistance but I have not found many people who have attempted to set this up on a Drupal site (or even use FIA). Don’t mean to sound too annoyed, but Facebook is annoying.

Can anyone offer any advice as to what’s going on? At one point I was able to get to a form which asked me to input the API information, but I couldn’t submit it. (This whole FIA module appears broken but it has Drupal’s secure seal and is noted as functional.)


Drupal version: