Instructions on "Keeping Your Local and Remote Sites Synchronized – Drupal 8"

Hi There,

Thanks for looking at my post.  I’m interested in learning how to transport a local Drupal 8 site to a remote location, and vice versa.  I noticed an informative page in the official Drupal site.  Here it is for reference:…

The only problem is I’m stuck on one of the points and don’t understand what to do. I was able to accomplish 1-3.  Now, when it comes to number 4 it says;

4. Create a fresh database on your remote server and do a fresh install of Drupal.

I created a fresh database on the remote server, no problem.  The part I don’t understand is to do a fresh install of Drupal. I already have my site files uploaded to the server as it says in instruction #2.  So, why do I need a whole new set of new Drupal files on my remote server?

Then in instruction #5 it says:

5. Export the configuration via /admin/config/development/configuration/full/export

Is this the configuration for the fresh install, or the already existing site that I uploaded previously?

Thanks so much for your help on this!


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