Investigating missing buttons for "Visit site" and "Visit Admin Site" buttons under Multidev environments

Sep 29, 17:06 PDT
Resolved – The incident has been cleared and no further issues have been reported. Thanks again for your patience!

Sep 29, 16:34 PDT
Monitoring – A fix has been deployed. Missing buttons for Multidev environments have been restored. We will monitor performance and move to resolve if no further issues arise.

Sep 29, 15:32 PDT
Identified – The issue with missing buttons for Multidev environments has been identified and a fix will be deployed shortly. Thank you for your patience!

Sep 29, 15:07 PDT
Investigating – Investigating missing buttons for “Visit site” and “Visit Admin Site” buttons under Multidev environments. Work around is to manually type into browser “” to visit site, or type “[drupal or wp]-admin”.