Is Drupal for us the right software? (Community with publishing features for many users)


I’m a web developer and I search the right software for my friends projekt.

We whant to build a communty with following features:

  • Multilanguage
  • Users can register
  • Users are in different roles and groups
  • A user can be invited to a group
  • The groups are hirachical organized
  • The groups are regional organized
  • They can upload PDF documents (and Word etc. converted to PDF online)
  • They can discuss the document in groups.
  • Group admins and/or moderators can publish the document.
  • Page admins can create groups and assign the group admins.
  • Other users can support the document
  • The supporters can be displayed on a map.

Features for later:

  • Provide video, fotos and so on in the same way as the PDF documents above.
  • Instead of upload documents can be created by collaboration text software.
  • The users can create and share events the same way as documents.
  • They can invite others by group membership to the events.
  • Users can connect each other.
  • Users can chat with single friends or groups.
Drupal version: