Is Drupal the right tool to build up a breeders database?

Dear Drupal family,

I tried to do as much training videos for Drupal 8 as possible. I looked at modules like webform. But I am still a bit lost. Can you help me and recommend modules or another basic approch to be able to build the website I will describe in the following text?

I want to built a Website, where dog owners of a certain breed can register, put in the dog data (name, gender, color, health issues, DNA markers etc), owners information, exhibition results,  breeder information and of cource articles about the breed etc.

The website should be able to show the dog pedigree (3-x generations based on the relations in the database) and provide searches on combinations of all the info stored. (e.g.  male dogs, with epilepsy, brown color and older than 3 years; or male dogs, show winners, from a specific breeder)

So besides some article-pages I need to build up a dog database, owners(breeder) database and exhibition database and build forms so registered people (with different user roles) can put in data.

I will need some autocomplete fields that can grap the data already in the database (for example sire and dam of a dog).

And some “graphic” tool to show the pedigree (which needs a multible database request for sire/dam for every generation backwards) and search results (requesting data combination from all three databases).

Can you recommend me the right modules? Or direct me to older questions about a similar topic?

I would be very thankful

best wishes


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