Is Durpal a good option in this situation?

Currently I am in a quest of finding a perfect CMS for my company. So I would love to be able to ask you a few concrete questions about the functionality of Durpal.
To begin I will describe the current situation and why my company actually needs a CMS.
Currently we are using Sasmung VideoWall displays with MagicInfo software to create our presentations that we want to show on the screens. Data that is used in the presentation needs to be updated time to time. For example, we have a “Slide” with embedded pdf file with description of a Job offer witch would be only valid for 2 weeks. After the Job offers time validity expires we need to manually go to MagicInfo editor and change the file to the relevant one and then upload it to the server for a new file to appear on the screen.
For us this way of updating our information is becoming too difficult and time consuming. So we came up with an idea that we could implement.
We would like to have a Content Management system that we could store out file in as well as be able to define the time validity of each file. CMS should be able to carry out frequent time validity checks and publish a relevant file on the web, the link to witch would be embedded in our presentation that is created in MagicInfo Editor. That way we would not need to update the file manually, but instead we would only need to upload the file to CMS and define the time frame that we want to file to play.
Above mentioned is our primary need. Secondary we would like CMS to automatically delete the expired data and if possible assign the default file if no relevant data is assigned at the time being.
We are really interested in Durpal and would like to get to know if realization of our ideas would be possible when using it.
Hopefully I explained myself in an understandable way, if you have any questions don`t hesitate to contact me.