Is there any difference between local host or cpanel product host for drupal themes?

Newly I designed and create a new theme for drupal 8 locally, everything works correctly on my localhost and I haven’t any problem in localhost environment, but the problem arises when I decide to upload my theme to real cpanel host (product server).

In cpanel host my theme shows up and treat like other themes and install without any problem or error message,
but the problem here: theme setting page and home page not showing anything (show only a blank empty page without any content in it, a white screen only show up).

It is worth noting that other themes like bartik or downloaded theme from drupal center work correctly in product host.

I uninstall and install again my theme and clean cash several times and
I even install another local host with new drupal core and test my theme and I have not encountered any problems.

This problem makes me very deuced because in localhost everything works normally and haven’t any problem and in cpanel host nothing

Is there any tips or standard that I should consider for creating and uploading my theme from local host to real product host?

Thanks to all of you.