Issues with Features – not showing changes on remote site

I’m building a site locally, merging changes up to a remote site with Git.

I’ve made some changes to a mini-panel that is already part of a feature. I download that Feature’s file and when I `git diff` I see my changes in the actual .inc file.

I merge the Feature files up to the remote site along with my other changed files (.css mostly).

On the remote site I see my changed files are there – I can see the .css changes.

However, when I go to Revert the Feature to have my changes transfer to the DB, there is no such button available. I cannot Revert the files.

Checking on GitHub, where I also push my files to, I see that the changed Feature files should be reaching the remote server (as they have done in the past) but Features isn’t picking up the changes, allowing me to Revert.

Of course I have tried `drush cc all`.

Would anyone know what is happening here?

Drupal version: