Just beginning and need some input

Just some basic newbie questions, I would appreciate some input/advice.

Our new website is about to begin development using Drupal 7 and I have some questions concerning deployment. The concept is that the site will be developed and when approved it will be moved to our web server. After this the idea is to update the site regularly by our own people to keep it current and fresh. We will be training our people to do so. So, my questions are…..

1. The site will be developed on a test site and then moved to our web server location replacing the existing site. This site is Drupal compliant. Is this movement feasible? I know that some CMS systems require that the site remains where developed.

2. Clearly the developer will have his own access to all of the elements required for the site as developed at the test location. I would expect that we would have to have our own access to Drupal on the final site. i.e register for Drupal 7 ourselves at which point the location would be configured for Drupal. Is this correct?

3. I am just concerned at how smooth this transfer operation will be.

I very much appreciate the assistance.


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