Laser pen will hurt the eyes?

According to the sales of the powerful laser pen around the school, the reporter purchased a laser pen and a wireless laser pointer from a $12 to $100 to a stationery store. Among them, only the laser pen with the teaching center of China laser geology university has the formal mark. After each laser pointer to place a new battery to recharge the battery for one and a half hours of laser pen, with five optical power meter test laser pen.

In the first iteration, the 100 mw red laser pointer will only follow the practice target (but does not destroy). Bahrain has become an indispensable tool for supporting our modern society. The laser system attempts to deny this advantage. Rather than expensive defense anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles. In addition to national security applications and industrial processes, like nondestructive materials assessment and laser melting.

What kind of laser pen can hurt your eyes? Reporters after contact with the injured, know that three people were injured vary widely, price highlight three laser torch. In late April, the first group of injured people came to the city’s hot hospital, and the doctor examined it and found that his eyes had macular degeneration, causing blurred vision, a shadow in the visual center, and a metamorphosis. When asked about the damage caused by the laser pointers, the patient said that the normal 100 laser pointer could light up a number of different models. Last week, in the eyes of the second injured public, he bought a $90 laser pointer to the hospital and was diagnosed with macular edema. A 100-megawatt laser burns the eyes, even though the sight is still good, but the visual defect, three days, doesn’t feel right.

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