Law Firm

About Law Firms Distro

The ‘LawFirms’ distribution is based on Drupal 8. This comprises of content that is related to the sports related websites in general. It can be used for non-sports related sites as well. The distribution is fully responsive.

Configurations & Features

LawFirms is a profile based Drupal 8 installation which includes several modules (extensions that add functionality) for common website features, to manage content, user accounts, image uploading, and search.

This distribution core comes with with many options that allow site-specific configuration. In addition to the core, this distribution bundles up some of the contributed modules that unleash their potential.

Law Firms Features

Home Page -Includes slider.
Blog -Includes a legal blog list page.
Events -Events can be managed using this feature. This feature displays latest law/legal industry related events. Display events using color box.
Photo Gallery -Integrates with image gallery uploads.Display the images using the color box.
Thought Leadership -Integrates the youtube videos to get rendered in a structured manner.
News -Latest news related to legal can be displayed using this feature.
Hygiene Pages -‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’ pages