Layout Initiative for Drupal 8.4/8.5 What ????


Sorry for bad English im French.

I’ve been trusting Drupal for over 10 years and I’m afraid of the direction Drupal 8 is taking.…

Layout Builder is a very bad idea, this does not,in my opinion correspond to Drupal’s core philosophy.

Drupal looks less and less like a good website structure.

I have a lot of website to migrated to Drupal 8 and I wonder if it’s really a good idea. If it would not be better to coded from scratch directly.

I am the only one to think that?

 I have the feeling that Drupal is becoming too heavy and that the choices that are being voted on are increasingly locking in creativity

When I see the direction that has been taken, I ask if I should continue working with Drupal. What do you think ?

Looks Google Page Speed Insights… have 48/100 mobile and 54/100 computer ???

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