layout_plugin 8.x-1.0-alpha23

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Last updated: October 12, 2016 – 02:09

Release notes

This release mainly contains minor code and documentation improvements, but it also:

  • Deprecates the ‘css’ key on @Layout annotations – use ‘library’ instead! This is for feature parity with the patch to put layout_plugin in core.
  • Moves the ‘block_page_layout’ module to its own project. This was always meant to be an example, but unfortunately, a number of people started using it in production. We don’t intend to maintain the new project, so if you’re interested please open an issue in its queue requesting to be maintainer

All changes since 8.x-1.0-alpha22:

  • #2676568 by TravisCarden, HongPong, naveenvalecha: Document hook_layout_alter()
  • #2771611 by dsnopek, Sam152: Implement tests that render layouts
  • #2804093 by tim.plunkett: LayoutBase should enforce the API by ignoring any render array keys at the top level
  • #2653360 by swentel: Remove BlockPageLayoutVariant and set example to hidden
  • #2761593 by Nitesh Pawar: Removed @file tag and unused imports
  • #2727767 by dbt102: Update_Layout_Plugin_HELP
  • #2726943 by dbt102: Update Extend page descriptions
  • Fixes to docblocks and calculateDependencies() from the core issue.
  • Deprecate the automatic library generation functionality
  • Latest changes from core patch at
  • Pull changes from issue #2296423 to merge layout_plugin into core.
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