like_and_dislike 8.x-1.0-alpha2

Release notes

This is the second alpha release for the Like and Dislike module.

Both the settings and the output have been completely refactored, it now supports all entity types and has a greatly improved UI with icons, that also show if the user clicked on something.

Be aware that there is no upgrade path. The voting information is stored by votingapi.module and was not changed (by this module), but the module will need to be reconfigured, templates might need to be changed and so on.

Changes since 8.x-1.0-alpha1:

  • #2732401 by mbovan, shruti1803, amit.drupal, anoopjohn: Fix coding standard related errors
  • #2813639 by mbovan: Rename build array
  • #2773341 by mbovan, Bambell: Proper look and behaviour for like and dislike icons
  • #2801295 by tbonomelli, Shashwat Purav: Fix default entity types configuration
  • #2800677 by tbonomelli: Remove like and dislike access controller
  • #2800679 by Ginovski: Inject entity managers/services through the module
  • #2800247 by mbovan: Remove like_and_dislike_entity_load(), provide API function to load votes
  • #2775569 by mbovan: Fixed non-bundle entity types have incorrect default value
  • #2765035 by Bambell, mbovan: No icons shown
  • #2775569 by Berdir, mbovan, Bambell: Allow like and dislike for more entity types
  • #2769329 by mbovan, Bambell: Provide test coverage
  • #2796387 by Prashant.c: Unable to install module after uninstalling
  • #2768701 by Bambell: Allow to configure the visibility of like and dislike as an extra field
  • #2768715 by Bambell: Option to allow users to cancel their votes
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