Login Form Configure


Login Form Configure module provides you with a configuration page, where you can configure the label, description and login button of the default user login form. It provides you with a dynamic preview of the changes you are doing.


  • You can configure the form title, label and description of the username and password fields and the text of the login button.
  • It removes the unwanted tabs on the default login form.
  • It provides you links of “Create New Account” and “Forgot your password” whose visibility is also configurable.
  • It also extends this configuration to the login block, which you can achieve just by checking a checkbox.

Similar projects and how they are different

Better Login is a similar project but it does not provide any configuration option. Apart from this, there are multiple login modules avaiable but none provides configuration and preview of the default login form.



Installation guidelines is expalined in the README.txt file.

Source: https://drupal.org/project/project_distribution/feed/all