Looking for a deeper navigation (Contextual Filters)

Hello world,

I’m new to Drupal – and have already slowed down.

My idea is a site that navigates deeper into categories. To do this, the menu (first a list of links) should only show the selection that goes down for the current page, no other links (except to the top)

In databases, that would be 1: N. And with a click it is in the deeper level(s) again 1: N.

On the way there, I started with a block that displays every sub-link. Both are connected via a reference field (1: N)
Next I wanted to filter this field value to hide links with foreign content-references.

Unfortunately, I do not get the key field (title) pathed through, nor a working dynamic filter defined on any value from the 1-content.

I am not sure if I am on the right track at all, or if there is a finished workflow ??

And if, what went wrong ?

Thanks a lot for any help

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