Looking for a developer to make an fb events import module

Hey there

I am trying for a while now to make a module to import fb events onto my website. I gave the Facebook API a shot but I just lack knowledge to get the job done.

Our website (Drupal 7.52) is an online music magazine. We have our own events agenda where users can manually add their music events. It contains an image, start & end date, title and info fields. I’ve seen several websites using some sort of tool to import facebook events onto their website and I’d like to implement the same to save the users some time creating events.

How I thought this module should work:
– Or users which created their account via the fb_connect module on our website, could select events they created or where interested in from their fb account and add them as a node to the website.
– Or users who did not create an account on our website via fb_connect could manually enter the fb event id in a field, after what the info get loaded into a node and saved.

Feel free to contact me, bounty-price can be discussed, drop me a comment when interested.

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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/51/feed