Lot of errors during installation (8.4.5 version)


After a lot of preparation work, I try to install a clean version of Drupal (latest version 8.4.5) under MAMP, but I have a lot of errors 🙁

First of all dozens of lines of this type :

Deprecated function: assert(): Calling assert() with a string argument is deprecated in DrupalCoreCacheCacheTagsInvalidator->invalidateTags() (line 25 of core/lib/Drupal/Core/Cache/CacheTagsInvalidator.php).

Then a blank page with :

Uncaught exception thrown in session handler.

Yet during my previous installations (older versions) I had never had any problem.

I was able to read that in version 8.5 some of these problems were fixed but how to do it in the meantime ?

Thanks in advance

Drupal version: 

Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/1/feed