Make content fields required when value of other field equals x

Dear Drupal community

I’m working on streamlining the backend of my drupal website.

I have created a custom content type Post.
This content type also contains a dropdown where you can decide if this post is a Blog or Vlog.

Now I’m looking for something to hide or make fields visible when a certain dropdown option is selected.
This because for example, a vlog article requires me to show a URL field to retrieve a YT video.

If a blog is selected, I don’t want to clutter the view with a URL field. Also giving the possibility to fill this field in when this field isn’t even used in the “blog” case.

What I need is push in the right direction. Being a module that supports this (probably not) or a certain document that I can alter to my liking to enable this functionality.

Maybe there is a jQuery way to do this? Making the URL field not required but hiding it will also do the job though.
I also don’t know how to use a jQuery field when editting or creating content.

Thanks in advance for the support.

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