Maybe what I need is a mentor …

I’ve been struggling with learning Drupal the last two years and still get stuck with minor issues that sometimes take days or even weeks to resolve.

The situation, as I see it, is that Open Source (at least in the case of Drupal) is fraught with hit & miss support, with dated, vague, ambiguous, and unclear solutions to problems.

In the case of D8 vs. D7 it seems we are between a rock & a hard place transitioning to D8. There are lots of modules for D7, but little support. There is a lot of activity with D8, but few modules.

There seems to be no incentive for supporters/developers of modules to respond to problems in a timely manner nor is there an incentive to phrase their documentation for newbies. Everyone seems to assume that everyone is experienced and that everyone knows all the acronyms.

I’ve invested two years of my life trying to make Drupal work and spent money paying for support at trying to get help. I need your general advice as to where to go from here. Should I give up on Drupal? If I give up on Drupal is there a CMS out there that resolves all or most of the above problems?

I look forward to your advice.

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