Merge conflict when upgrading to 7.52

Yesterday when I upgraded my Drupal site from 7.50 to 7.52 with GIT i got a merge conflict in includes/
This is how I normally do the upgrades: I have 2 remotes one for drupal (renamed to drupal) and one for my site (origin).
Whenever there is a security update I fetch my drupal remote and merge it into my repo (git fetch drupal, followed by git merge 7.52, in this case).

This time I got a merge conflict in includes/ and I am not a wizard when it comes to resolving git conflicts, but I kept this line in includes/

// Try to allocate enough time to parse and import the data.

Was that the right thing to do? I could commit and when I tried to merge again I got the message “already up to date”.
Everything seems to work, but I am a bit worried that I resolved the merge conflict the wrong way?

Drupal version: