Merging 2 existing sites to multi-site setup: (admin/user) account reference broken

Synopsys: After merging two sites to multi-site, I only can login to the (default) site.

To get my upgrade-tasks a bit more under control I decided to merge my two existing sites to a multi-site set-up.

I decided to move one site to the installation of the other. I first upgraded both to the same release (Drupal 7.56). Moving the databases to a single entity (by using a prefix) was easy and both sites were still working correctly (although on their own code base).

Then came the tricky part: I added a subdirectory in sites and moved the second site to this location. So sites now contains something like this:

  • default

I guess that this set-up is not ideal and that I should ultimately move the default site to its own subdirectory…

The good part of the story is that both sites work well as long as you do not try to login.

But when I try to login to the second site, I always get logged in to the first (default) site. As a result I cannot administer the second site. This is probably some due to some setting that I have missed, but I cannot find which one.

Thank you for your time,

Geert (still a bit of a newbie…)

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