migrate 7.x-2.10

Release notes

Issue #2909252: ‘clone’ is a reserved keyword introduced in PHP version 5.0.
Issue #2946164: Remove usage of deprecrated each() function for PHP 7.2+ future proofing.
Issue #2796169: Using a better supported encryption library than mcrypt (Required for PHP 7.2 support).
Issue #2907166: Warning: sourceDataForm() expected to be a reference
Issue #2850753: d7 mysql 5.7 compatibility null handling in sqlmap.inc.
Issue #2644762: Invalid argument for foreach on entity.inc, line 199.
Issue #2952239: PHP7 Error : Indirect access to variables, properties and methods will be evaluated strictly in left-to-right order since PHP 7.0. Use curly braces to remove ambiguity
Issue #2974075: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in list_allowed_values_string()
Issue #2858767: Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in i18n_field/i18n_field.module when editing or creating users
Issue #2794371: Enable migrate_ui
Issue #2580339: calls to fopen should check for an error
Issue #2868377: MigrateSourceCSV count number of rows

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