Migrate content from custom site into a custom content type in Drupal 8


i am trying to get content from a custom build site into a new Drupal 8 Installation.

I already managed to transfer the user and passwords with the migrate_plus module into Drupal, which was pretty straightforward according to the beer example in the module.

But now i am struggling with the process, because i am not sure what kind of migrate destination plugin is expectet, when i want to migrate content into a custom content-type “event” with fields like location, date, description and so on.

This might be obvious, but do i need to create a custom destination plugin? And if yes, how?

I mean there are examples for destination plugins like:

  plugin: 'entity:file'

for files or

  plugin: entity:user
  md5_passwords: true

for users. Is there something there for customt content types? How is the correct syntax for the .yml file with the migrate_plus module to get the content into the content-type “event”?

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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/37/feed