MIgrating Drupal Site

Operating system: Linux
fender: Centos 7

Like many users I have a testing machine and production ready machine. I have be began using drupal 7 during its final days; I made several quality websites with d7. Eventually, I stopped my learning and waited for d8.
When using d7 i effortlessly created a tar file of the particular d7 website and used mysqldump to save the database. When I move to the production sever there was no hassle. I 1) untarred the directory and 2) mysql the file back into the database. Everything worked.

With d8 this technique is not working fully. All I see is the menu bars and blocks that I created. When I click the menu links I get “page does not exits”. What is wrong? I feel that it is a database issue. When I delete the database or make a slight change to the database in settings.php, the site still seems to load in the browser.

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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/34/feed