mod_security triggers HTTP 500 on TMDHosting


I’ve just started a new website ( for a non-profit on TMDHosting using Drupal 7.43. It’s going well, except for one thing: on several occasions, I’ve just been doing ordinary tasks (generating content, modifying menus, blocks; nothing fancy – just plain vanilla stuff), when TMDHostings’ mod_security (an Apache module?) triggers their brute force rules, resulting in a HTTP 500 error, but only for my IP. First, it was at home, they fixed it very quickly. Subsequently, it has been away from home, while I’m working tethered to my iPhone (AT&T). Given my IP, they also fixed it quickly, but told me to “be careful” (careful with what?, I asked, to no avail). They offered to turn off mod_security, but I don’t think that is very viable, especially since I’ll be putting a SSL functionality into the mix soon. I guess I could just work on it from home, as a work-around. 😐

So, my question: Has anyone here had this experience with hosts before? If so, what was your cause / solution?


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