Module idea: Drupal with Blockchain

Hi all — we are a company that has been working with Drupal and Blockchain for quite a few years now. We are considering creating a contrib module for Drupal that would allow you to:

-> Connect non-related Drupal sites via Blockchain, e.g. Site A and Sites B, C, D even when the owner is different
-> Syncronize content types between the non-related Drupal sites with access controls per site (e.g. view / edit dependent on permissions)
-> Have an immutable validation of the content so that the Blockchain will ensure that the content has not been altered
-> Automated content sychronization, so that that when Site A creates content, Sites B,C,D will automatically have the updated content available in their Drupal site
-> Automatically deploy a Blockchain network between multiple sites
-> Many more depending on feedback 🙂 

This could be useful as an alternative to feeds where the content propogation is non-linear, for example an events network where the information is constantly changing but there is no ‘centralized’ pool of updated data. It could also allow users to control their data and then propogate it to external sites (imagine a housing portal).

Does anyone have any feedback or thoughts on whether this would be a useful tool for them, and whether they are likely to be interested (before we invest time in development)!

Thaaaaaanks 🙂