monster_menus 7.x-1.26

Release notes

  • Issue #2803113 by sgn4779: “Uncaught TypeError: Drupal.mmDialogAdHoc” thrown on webform/configure page
  • Issue #2780843 by i.mcbride, Gribnif: Ensure nodes returned by Gallery select are not WYSIWYG inlines
  • Issue #2779237: Missing mm_browser_gallery_add variable in
  • Issue #2778665 by sgn4779: “Uncaught TypeError: Drupal.mmDialogAdHoc” thrown on Copy/Move page
  • Fix a Javascript error when adding users to a group
  • Fix the alias of the “Lost and Found” page created by admin/mm/sort and admin/mm/orphan-nodes
  • Tree browser bookmark dialogs: correctly close the dialog when the user clicks the only available action when there are no bookmarks; change close links to buttons
  • Various CSS improvements
  • Rename the API docs file for consistency with core
  • Remove a third-party library that is no longer used
  • Remove some unneeded code
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