moodle_sso 8.x-2.x-dev

Release notes

This is the new 2.0 series of endpoints. There is no solid upgrade path from the 7.x to the 8.x as a number of things have changed. specifically:

1) there is no dependency on user_revisions anymore. This is because drupal8 added a ‘changed’ field which allows for similar incremental updates to take place.

2) there is no dependency on the services module anymore. this is because a) restful services are in core, b) views is in core, and c) views supports presenting their own restful services.

3) there is no longer an endpoint that exposes basic information about the site. this is mainly because the cookie domain can be auto discovered based on the url, and field definitions are much cleaner in drupal 8, allowing for the moodle side of things to properly reference field values.

Note that to use this drupal8 version, you will need to upgrade the Moodle auth-drupalservices plugin to the 3.x-2.x line of code.

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