mosaik 7.x-1.1

Release notes

  • Created Mosaik Entity Display submodule and added cache support
  • Fixed cache table creation during database updates
  • Pieces reference field can now also reference pieces created via code
  • Added cache support for pieces
  • Fixed rendering of a mosaik with page behavior and updated mosaik_render function.
  • Added template_hook_suggestion for mosaik pages
  • Fixed Mosaik block title display
  • Fixed piece id generation in piece template
  • Added fallback to default entity presentation if no pieces have been configured into mosaik layout regions
  • Fixed rendering of empty pieces
  • Fixed the way mosaik entity display are rendered
  • Fixed default values bug on pieces edit form and added entity_autocomplete support for piece entity render callback
  • Fixed and improved pieces entity callback
  • Added hook_mosaik_access() and fixed block visibility check within mosaiks
  • Avoid rendering of empty views content
  • Issue #2813065 by nikolas.costa: Warning function pieces_render_view()
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