Multiplayer Game based on dopewars made with Drupal!?

I decided to prototype out a game concept using drupal (WTF, I know…) for a multiplayer version of dopewars. This is a pre-beta sneak peak I thought I’d give limited access for some feedback.

Created with drupal, nodejs and a healthy dose of
Anyways a bit about it’s current state.

What’s ready:
Dynamic NPC pricing based on local supply/demand.
Over 30,000 NPCs of 3 different classes
Over 10,000 Buildings in over 100 countries
Bus depots to travel within countries
100’s of air ports to travel internationally.
Everybody plays in the same world.

What’s not ready/ What’s wrong:
It’s Ugly and Slow
It’s not quite mobile, but playable with patience…
Dynamic pricing is SLOW! Loading the NPC buy screen can take a couple seconds.
Limited Ajax (Javascript) due to bugs, sooo… it’s slooow
No Events, Good or Bad (should be implemented within a couple days).
Non licensed character images used as placeholders. (And not enough of them!)
No Chat/Messaging Features (Coming very soon).
No Instructions, you’re left to figure it out on your own for now!

I’m hoping to have a dozen or so people sign up (open registration) over the next couple days and see what you think of the concept.

Please note this is a perpetual game world so registering an account is needed.


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