Multiple page search filters

I am new to Drupal (Drupal 7) and need to add search / filter functionality to a current site.
The client wants the have the user search for businesses near their location, filtering my type of business, then services the business offers. However they want put the filters on multiple pages, each page dependent on the prior search.

Page 1, geo locate the user or let the user enter an address along Proximity Search
Page 2, using the above criteria, show a list of business types available, user can multiple select (an or filter)
Page 3, using page 1 and 2’s filtering, show a list of services, allow a multiple select ( and filter )
Page 4, show the list of business
Page 5, show a map of the selected business

I know how to do this on one page, filters in an exposed block on top, location list on one side, maps with pins on the other. All the filters are applied at once, not depended on each other.

Is this possible to do? Can someone give me ideas how to do this?

Drupal version: