My Drupal Conundrum

It began with 7.50 and that blasted error message about missing modules, although ErrMsg references Themes. With help I did indeed find remnants (empty Tables) of the Rules and Commerce modules that were removed (although not completely) YEARS ago. These modules do NOT show up on my Modules UI, so I can’t uninstall them. Tried to reinstall the module but got an error that “rules_config” already existed, so I deleted that table and others referencing “rules” module. This action broke my site ENTIRELY, but I’ve managed to restore it and I’m now back at “Square One”!!!
I’ve done “registry rebuild”, and tried deleting lines from my “system” table referencing these themes. I’ve installed and ran the “missing module” fix. I’ve tried the above and read this site for WEEKS for a solution…all to no avail.

Can anyone offer any help or other ideas???

Drupal version: