My Drupal sites on Bluehosts are not behaving normal since a week ago! Help needed!


My Drupal sites are not behaving normal since a week ago. I have done all what I could do to solve the problem like updating the modules and core, restoring clean backups etc. but nothing seems to work. I have decided to replicate the site on my MAMP environment so I copied the site map from public_html using the SCP command and dumped the DB from phpmyadmin. The site shows no problems at all so my guess is that the issue comes from the server side.

Problem description:

New content in not saved instantly. The content is created but not displayed. To illustrate the problem, I have decided to record a video that explains it all. It is hard to describe the problem by words.

Please take a look at the problem here:

Bluehost 1st and 2ed line support told me that problem resides within Drupal itself. This is what they wrote to me “*Since it is drupal site we cannot do much from our end. It is out of scope of our support. I can delete the varnish cache.”*

Do you guys think it’s a Drupal related issue? or does the problem comes from the Bluehost server?

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