namecheap hosting notes assessment …

namecheap hosting notes assessment …

Right now domain registrar namecheap has deal on “ultimate” multi-domain shared hosting for $30.00 /yr for the first year, and $129 /yr thereafter:

The deal seemed worth checking out to have an online backup/testing location.

Although the namecheap specs claimed “unlimited ” disc space, the hidden, undocumented, catch is that while they don’t limit total file size, they do limit inodes to 300,000. For anyone building Drupal websites, which contain enormous bodies of files, php, js, css, etc., the 300,000 inodes is a hard limit.

Although SSH access is provided, they’ve got their PHP environment locked down in a way that requires running tools like composer in the following manner:

php -c ~/php.ini composer.phar {arguments}

It is necessary to place a php.ini file in any directory where composer will be operated.

namecheap had a deal for SSL certs for just $2.00 for the first year, so I bought one just to see what the service was like.

They provide an interface for settings up all GPG style keys and so forth, but when I submitted them, their system rejected it. However, the support guy was amazing. I was able to just say, “I give you permission to fix it” and he did everything to get it setup and working. All I needed to do after that was add entries to the .htaccess to force all requests to HTTPS and voila it is working, albeit on an one page flat HTML site at the moment, waiting for a project to get further along for additional testing.

The namecheap VPS specs seem prretty transparent. Sometime in the coming months, I will check out that service and report back.

As a domain registrar, I can report that namecheap is an acceptable alternative to The godaddy prices have gotten just too high. The namecheap prices are lower, and I don’t incur sales tax using them. It looks like namecheap is going to save me a bundle on domains annually. Plus I was able to register to *.space domains for $0.88 each, to use as temporary site coding/development domains that can be dumped after a year.