Navigating via blocks with fallback language code

At this moment I am working on a hobby project to learn and understand other CMS systems than WordPress and Joomla. Currently, I am trying to make it multi-lingual. I first created all my pages in English and later added countries (e.g. Great Brittain & the UAE) with a fallback from English.

This works just fine. I can easily switch language (or country on my website). When I do this the URL changes from “” to “”. And also when I navigate using the menu’s this works fine as it keeps /en-ae/ in the URL and keeps showing the UAE phone number (set in my overall page). 

But I also have some custom blocks functioning as a way to navigate between different main pages and their subpages. But when I try to navigate via these blocks I always go back to the fallback language. For example, when I am on “” and want to navigate to “”, I click on the block. This then takes me to “”.

Configuration screen:

Only local images are allowed.

Demo: This shows what goes wrong when hovering on a link in the block:

Only local images are allowed.

Drupal version: