Need a new host

Support at our current host has become an absolute nightmare and it’s time to move. I’d appreciate recommendations on a web host.


Needs to be U.S. based

CPanel + WHM

Fully managed, but with full access for us

Various packages to choose from (cores, memory, space)

Currently we have two servers. One has a very busy site that is quite large and a development copy. Drupal 7 and CiviCRM.

The other hosts more than 20 sites, pretty much all Drupal, many with CiviCRM. All combined together, a fairly busy server.

It needs to be an absolutely reliable server with good, reasonably quick support. I hate moving servers, but I’ve been trying to get server software updated for days now and it’s been 12-24+ hours between responses from them. And that’s after having to remind them there was a ticket in the first place. So I’m done and ready to move.

No small resellers of hosting, please. I’m not talking about a free hundred Mb of space and a couple Gb of bandwidth. Just one of our sites can go through well over a 100 Gb of bandwidth in a month. I need a good sized host where I can find reviews to back up my choice.


Drupal version: