Need help with Drupal 8 Comments.

I am trying to implement comments on the site

I have Drupal 8 installed and updated as of 5/26/2017.

Comments seem to be easy enough in Drupal 8, but can’t get it working right.

I have a comment type of “Default comments” which I did not change.

I added a comment field to my “Basic Page” content type.

I have permissions so that authenticated users can edit, post, skip, and view comments. Anonymous users may only view comments.

If you go into my site you can see my problem.

When you first go in as an anonymous user, It looks like it should with “Read more, Log in, Register to post comments” at the bottom of the home page teaser and all other pages wich are all basic pages content type. So far so good.

When you log in as a user, and I have a tempory user account with username and password of “helpmewithcomments”, it starts getting strange:

The Home Page Teaser looks good with “Add new comment” showing at the bottom.
All other pages do NOT have the option to “Add new comment” at the bottom.

On the Home Page Teaser, if I click on “Add new comment”, I do not get the expected comment form. It just takes me to and shows the “non-teaser” version of the home page.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a comment form that needs to be defined? I though comment form was the same as comment type.

Please visit my site with the temporary username and password of “helpmewithcomments”. This username will be taken down when this problem hopefully gets solved but I think is necessary for you to see the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Tom Travis

Drupal version: